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"Even though we lived in Spencerport only from 1966 to 1975, I remember those years as some of the nicest of my life. We built a one-story yellow house on Parkhurst Drive, at the very top of the hill. It was a vacant lot before we built, and I remember people cutting through our yard to take the back way through the hay field to George's. I think that field has an apartment complex now, but then it was just an empty hay field behind our house, with a dirt bike path and grass that was perfect for making forts. We had quite a large group of neighborhood kids; riding bikes, Halloween and sledding in the snow were so much fun. From the top of Parkhurst I remember riding my bike down the "Big Hill" (Parkhurst Drive) or heading the other way and taking the "Little Hill," which was Hillside Drive, in both cases ending up on Prospect. We watched polliwogs and crayfish in Durfee's Creek, popped tar bubbles on the street, fished at Wide Waters, went to Lollipop Farm. I remember waiting when the bridge was up over the canal on Union St. downtown. Started in kindergarten at Spencerport Elementary, then moved up the hill for third through sixth grade at the Leo Bernabi School, which had just changed its name from Spencerport Intermediate. After I finished sixth grade there, we moved to Arizona. I remember all my teachers' names, the town carnival and parades, Bell's supermarket, going to Brownie meetings in a church basement, and all the Parkhurst neighbors and kids' names. Don't know if anyone would remember me, but "hello" if you do!" -Debbie in Phoenix, Arizona, DlyMadison1@aol.com

"My name is Bob Mayhew and I live in San Antonio, TX. In 1958, I lived in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester. I graduated from Rush-Henrietta HS in June, 1958 and joined the army with 2 other guys from the area. One was named Dick (Richard) White and the other was named Tom Tracy. I traced Dick White to Spencerport, NY and am trying to get in touch with him to reunite and to join us in reunion of old Army buddies. Dick is about 76 years old, the same age as I am. If anybody knows of him, please give him my Email address. Thanks for your help." - Bob, rmayhew1@satx.rr.com

"I am trying to find out how to research the history of the Monroe County Fair in 1960, specifically the races that were held and results. Thank you for any information." - Jim Griggs, JGRIGGS44@aol.com

"I served as Pastor of Ogden Baptist Church in Spencerport from 1999-2007. This was the first church I served after graduating from seminary, and when I set foot in Spencerport, I felt like I had truly found a wonderful new home. Although we didn’t live in the village itself, I spent many happy times walking on the canal, visiting friends, parishioners, and colleagues, and greatly enjoying the rich history and atmosphere of the area. When our daughter was small, we loved taking her to Springdale Farm, and to Abbott’s! I truly loved living and serving in Western New York, and the cherished memories of the people and places I came to know and love in Ogden and Spencerport will remain with me for life."
- Rev. Laura Dalton, Athens, OH

My husband and myself purchased our home in Spencerport, on Sandstone Drive in 1977. We had only been married for a few years, and had not started our family. The house was a 4 bedroom colonial, in much need of "Love and Attention" ! We knew no one from Spencerport, having grown up and schooled in the heart of Rochester. We were very unfamiliar with the entire "town and village" living.
Our new neighbors were more than the kindest people we could have ever asked for. One by one they came and introduced themselves, and each one had a significant story to relate to us having to do with the house that we recently purchased. We lived in that home for over 25 years, raised our 2 children and made the statement "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" the absolute closest to our hearts.
In 2001 we sold that home, along with shedding many tears on my part, and built a new home, also in Spencerport. We have now lived in that home for 12 years. Our children have moved to other states, but absolutely love seeing pictures and hearing all the "Towny" news.
If anyone ever contemplates purchasing a home in Spencerport, I hope it would be the most wonderful place on earth for them to live as it has been for us. Our Village Main St. Is not modern and fancy by any means, but its what's on the inside that is true to your hearts. The merchants are honest and very welcoming when you utilize their places of business. Its small, but its full of love and devotion.
If we ever decide to leave this village, it will be one of the saddest days of my life. I love the short ride from the city of Rochester, where we both work, to the SPENCERPORT EXIT! Before your very eyes are hay stacks, farm silo's, farm market wagons, a beautiful canal, and a picturesque Gazebo in the heart of town. All that and the wonderful people that serve our village and town without a question which includes volunteers! "If it isn't in Spencerport, its not worth Savoring"! Mary Jo Smith Mjsmith0911@gmail.com

Spencerport holds great memories for me. I grew up on Lyell rd and Nancy Symes was my best friend. Miss the times with the Webster road gang and the friendships I had forged while growing up. Joined the Navy saw the world which allowed me plenty of time to recall the memories and fun times going to the Carnival, snow mobile riding with the Brongo's and Spencerport at large. Now with Department of Defense working policy issues. Living on fort Bragg base. Gail Bovy (Wilkins) gail.bovy@gmail.com

I am helping a cousin of mine in Germany research Wendelin Merk (1829 - 1907) who lived in Spencerport and Rochester. My cousin is related to the Merk family. Information I currently have includes the names of Wendelin's wife and children with some of their dates of birth, marriage, and death. If anyone can lead me to some good information on the Wendelin Merk family, I would be very grateful! Born in Kansas and have lived here all my life. I have never traveled to any of the eastern states but Spencerport sounds like a place that I would love to visit. Julie Caton Spencer jcatonspencer@gmail.com

Anyone know of Ron Waterstrat that ran Georges Dairy? Is he still around? I knew him from Hylan airport. Don McLane B17MAC@AOL.COM

I remember the railroad tracks on Gillett Rd, the sand pits behind Tewksburys house, the ice skating rink across from Pagani's house, Morgans Diary, Rob's Sunoco, Riding dirt bikes and driving lot cars in Al Turners lot, Jim Armstrongs Black Camaro, When Steve Devay rode a Honda Qa 50 in the 100 hall doors and drove it out the 200 hall doors. I remember penny carnivals at the Villards house I worked at Jerry's Arco in the middle of town and watched the parade from there, I remember the VD (Village Diner) that used to be Seals Auto Parts. The boat rides up and down the canal, I remember Wide Waters, the Pizza Pantry, Flashes El Camino. Grew up in Hooterville and not a day goes by that I don't think about my days there."
Chris Noah cnoah@rochester.rr.com

"I just got home from a, too short visit, visiting my cousins Bobby & Julie Giambrone. I have fallen in love with the "Village of Spencerport"...." Read more...
Annie "Parlato" Gronau anniegronau@pacbell.net Irvine, CA

"I came across your website looking for information on my grandmother's side of the family. I visited my grandmother, Ona Trimmer, several summers in the early 1960s. I have extremely fond memories of the town and the great friendly people that lived there. I had the advantage that at that time, there were still many residents who remembered my father growing up as a local boy and as such made me feel very welcome. Unfortunately, after grandmother past away, I never returned. I am now busily trying to reconstruct my family history so that my children and grandchildren will have it for posterity. I may be returning to Spencerport to finish the project I started almost 50 years ago.”
Ona Trimmer Castaneda onac@surewest.net Roseville, CA

"Ok... I don't live in Spencerport or even Ogden. I still miss the Sunday drives to get an ice cream at Matthews on the corner store. Nice web site!”
Larry Gursslin cgurssli@rochester.rr.com Hilton, NY

I was happy to come across this sight while researching an old friend of mine Todd Rickman whom i wish to contact. I graduated in 76 , joined the Marines corps in 78 and moved away I have lived in many wonderful places and towns but none hold near the fond memories of home. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a town as Spencerport
During This current recession, i am also fortunate to work for a company that is busy catering to certain needs of our Dept of Defense and Homeland security , But I find there is little time for ones own thoughts during the extreme hectic day's that occur. When it's time to calm down I find Spencerport is always on my mind. The sandpit's near Brower Rd , the powerlines and horse pastures behind the house, Snowmobiling , the guy's on Whittier Rd. The backyard ball games and all the friends. It all comes back to help put things back to perspective and to survive another day. So thank you for this site we can all turn to now for the memories and home contact's.
Doug Russell, Class of 76 senecaruss@yahoo.com

"My name is Ulf Dia-Tsi-Tay, I´m Swedish and I was an exchangestudent in Spencerport 1975-1976. I went to Spencerport High School and attended both 11th and 12th grade courses. I played in the schools varsity soccer team and volleyball team. I lived with both the Diehl and Wasserbauer family during my year in the town. By writing this I´m hoping to connect with someone from that time. You can find me on Facebook as Ulf Diatsitay. D.S”
Jeff Leathersich udiatsit@its.jnj.com Sollentuna, Sweden

"My name is Tom LaVinge and I grew up in Spencerport most of my life. I still live just over the border of Manitou Rd. with my wife and two children. I graduated from St. John's in 1972 and E.J. Wilson HS in 1976. It was and still is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I chose to stay and raise my family here. My daughter, Anastasia graduated in 2008 and my son is currently in the 9th grade at E.J. Wilson HS. My parents Joe and Murph still live in the large cobblestone house at 4929 Ridge Rd. W. (not in the Town but in the School District). Any way hope to hear from anyone I may have known. You can reach me at...”
Tom LaVigne thlv001@frontiernet.net Spencerport, NY

"After living in Spencerport for nearly 9 years, we moved to Olney, Maryland 8 years ago, in the beginning of 2001. I'm still amazed how much my family and I miss Spencerport! The Christmas lights in Maryland look bare without snow. We miss biking along the canal, strolling through the peaceful neighborhoods, playing in the snow and cross country skiing, all the wonderful parks around Spencerport, the friendly, helpful staff at the Ogden Farmers Library, the small school district, the light traffic, Canal Days, and the picturesque views along the canal. We loved our house, yard and neighborhood on Parkhurst Drive and I hope that all our old friends and acquaintances are well!”
Anita Chernovitz Piano88keys@verizon.net Olney, Maryland

"I grew up in Spencerport on Wittier Road, later on Harwood Road. Graduated from EJ Wilson 1983. I have fond memories of Spencerport, love to visit and still think it is just the greatest little town in the world. I see some of my old classmates in the guest book which brings back fond memories. I can't say enough about Bonnie Seaburn who many of us who attended SCSs know and love. Go Rangers!”
Jeff Leathersich jeffthepa@gmail.com Lima, NY

"After so many years, the memories come rushing in when I hear certain songs from the 70s' that remind me of the good ol days in Spencerport. I loved the Firemens Carnivals, where I actually had my first date. lol. I am still seeking anyone that knows the where-abouts of my first love, Carol Flick, from Lyle Rd. I'd love to hear from anyone with information. I sure miss those days. I couldn't have grown up in a better place.”
Brad Patrick cybrsavag2004@yahoo.com Oklahoma

"I was just doing the modern day version scanning the shortwave radio (surfing the internet) and came across the Spencerport web site. It looks like a great place to live, right there by the famous Erie Canal. I'll bet that Gazebo has seen a lot of fun times. I've sure met a lot of nice folks from New York, both in person and through my net traveling. I'd like to take a drive sometime through your great State, right about this time of year, when the Fall colors are coming out. I'll bet it's fantastic. I enjoyed your web site, thanks for sharing where you call home.”
Mike Beck fish.on@mac.com Kenai, Alaska

"I lived in Spencerport for 18 years, right on Spencerport Road, our family was well known in the 80's. We had lots of good times in Spencerport. Our family was best known for bowling , basesball, and well... parties . I now live in Arizona, but give me the days back that I had in Spencerport, Gates, Brockport, Penfield, and Rochester. They were the best!”
Randy A. Pealo rpealo69@netzero.com Arizona

"I grew up in Spencerport and graduated in 1977. Over the past (yikes) 30 years, life, loves and jobs took me to Pennsylvania, the Keys and currently Rhode Island. My still-best-friend Kelly Rankin lives in the midwest and we keep in touch via email. I LOVED growing up in Spencerport. We would ride our horses right through the middle of town; it didn't even have a stop light in those days! Anyone remember the annual Halloween Burning of the Outhouse? And the Fireman's Carnival? I lived on Coleman Avenue (#203) and am searching for the surname of the people who lived there before us...." Read more...
Kathryn "Trink" Speary-Donahue kdon239820@aol.com Rhode Island

"I am originally from Spencerport New York. My Mom and Dad (Richard and Nancy Norton) were married in the Catholic Church there. We lived there until I was 4, then my Dad (worked for Eastman Kodak for 30+ years) was transferred to New Jersey and then to Houston, TX. My husband and I live in San Antonio, TX now and he has never been to the East Coast. We are going for a visit this summer to explore my roots. I cannot wait to get back to my home!”
Lisa May Palacios Lisa.Palacios@utsa.edu San Antonio, TX

"I grew up in Spencerport (Big Ridge Road - in the village) and attended St. John's and then Spencerport High School (graduated in 1976). My dad, his father and his grandfather grew up in Spencerport too - so we're well-rooted... When I was young I will always remember going to Matthews to get an ice cream with my dad, all the fireman's carnivals, pizza from Pizza Shack, summer parties at Randy Smith's house, Diehls, Pilot House... Read the complete entry."
Maryann (Rinas) Shoniker - MaryannRinas@Yahoo.com - Greece, NY

"What a nice website. I grew up in Spencerport in the 50’s, very active in all sports and graduated in 1960. I have such fond memories of my school years in Spencerport such as: carnivals in the summer, ice skating in the winter (at the same location next to the canal), walking to Mathew’s ice cream after basketball games, playing basketball across the street in the Holbrook’s driveway on Coolidge Ave., sitting on the Davenport’s front porch on Coleman Ave., and mixing cement and hauling cement blocks for “Curly” Zarnsdorf on summer break. I could go on and on. Anyone else out there share some of these memories? I now live in Tallahassee, Florida with my wife of 42 years and do get back to Spencerport often.”
Duane Putney duane@putneyinsurance.com Tallanassee, FL

"My husband (Dave Moore, SHS Class of 1973) and I (Michele [Lamirande] Moore, SHS Class of 1977) both grew up in Spencerport, but no longer live there. We've been in New Port Richey, Florida for over 18 years. I still miss Spencerport every day, most of all the change of seasons, and everything familiar. We have 6 kids (3-his/3-mine...all ours!), and 1 terrific grandson (born April 2006). Dave travels up once every year or 2, but I try to go home at least once a year, sometimes twice. There's no place on earth I'd rather be. As corny as it sounds, there's no place like home. Someday I hope we can become snowbirds so I can at least move home for part of the year. We're both very thankful to have grown up in Spencerport, and we often reminisce about all the great times. I was so sorry to have missed '77s 30th reunion this past fall. I didn't find out about it until it was too late to make arrangements. Maybe next time. Would love to hear from old friends!”
Michele (Lamirande) Moore mjmoore716@hotmail.com New Port Richey, FL

"Amazing that one-third of a century has passed since I graduated from E.J. Wilson HS. I did a tour as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and met my husband when I was doing doctoral work at Columbia. We moved to Oregon 15 years ago. I am glad to hear many people have remained rooted.”
Maureen Hagen hagengreene@msn.com Portland, OR

"I lived in Spencerport in the 50's and 60's. We moved to Fla. and 20 years later I moved back and raised my kids at Spencerport. I remember the "old days" and the day the fireworks plant blew up. I live in North Carolina now with my wife Judi (Gramatica) Miller who was my next door neighbor and first girlfriend. Spencerport has changed alot but the charm is still there. My brother Steve still lives in Florida..”
Terry Miller Itsmelrtym@aol.com

"Born and raised in Spencerport, (1957) attended E.J. Wilson and graduated in 1976, I did a stint in the military and have been around the world and have lived in different towns and cities but none of them did I call home. Even though I have not been back to the"Port" in a while it still is "home" and the only one I'll know, my parents are buried there along with my sister. I hope to make it back and visit soon.”
T. Shebloski rollnbxcrs@hotmail.com

"I graduated from Spencerport High in 1967 with a great bunch of kids until Viet Nam called. I joined the Air force and moved around until I ended up in Cheyenne, Wyoming my current home. I have many fond memories of my then residence on Gillett Rd. My brother lives on Gillett Rd. just a little north of our home. The great times I had playing at the High School dances as the “Courtsmen” Read more...
Neil Whitehead whitehead5301@msn.com Cheyenne, WY

"I lived in Spencerort for 20 years on Prospect Street and graduated in 1979. I worked apt Georges Dairy Bar on the corner for many years serving people from the town and making many ice cream cones for the sports teams. I live in Arizona now and have 3 kids and 2 grandchildren. I own my own dance/gymnastic company and am a full time Realtor. I have raised my children to love Spencerport and have brought them back many times to make fond memories. I have great memories and still keep in contact with great friends."
Lori Regnier (Lori Winter) Housesbylori@aol.com Arizona

"I grew up in Spencerport during the 70's and have very fond memories of the place. Like watching the parade from Kaseman's lawn or riding the bullet or tossing ball number 1 in "I got it!" at the carnival, my kids know the chant of "Plenty of room for I-Got-It players" and they've never been to the Spencerport Carnival. I also remember watching the Red Onion Fireman's Tournament Team, you don't see stuff like that in Connecticut."
Phil phil@xincinc.biz

"I grew up in Spencerport and graduated in 1977. Moved back to Spencerport 7 years ago. Two of my three children have graduated from Spencerport, my youngest is in high school and a wrestler. My husband is very impressed with the wrestling program and proud to be part of it, even though he had difficulty wearing the school colors at first! We enjoy the land we own, the walks along the canal and the snowmobile trails. If anyone from the Class of '77 wants to get in touch, please do. Thanks for the great website!"
Laura (Noto) DelDuca hopper16@frontiernet.net

"I was born in Rochester, But, raised in Spencerport! I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip down Memory Lane Today! My family and I moved to Spencerport in 1951! I went to the "new" elementary (1953?) and Intermediate schools, First class in the "new (1960)" high school! We originally lived at 449 S. Union St. ( The old Mathews Mansion - Mathews Ice Cream)... Read more... "
John E. Fitchpatrick fitch19461@verizon.net Ashland, VA

"Lived in Spencerport until I graduated, got married, moved to Cheektowaga. Have 2 grown children. I miss Spencerport and still have family there that I visit. We have gone to canal days for several years in a row. I am a salon owner and currently live in West Seneca, NY. Would love to hear from anyone that graduated in 76 or 77. "
Barbara Kaminska Wilde BP143@aol.com

"Lived in Spencerport till I was 21 - and from there is was Rochester, Baltimore, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And though my 12 and 15- year-olds are confirmed Hollywoodites, there is nothing more they love doing than visiting Grandma and Grandpa on Trimmer Rd. They appreciate the small town respite from the big city."
Jim Ziegler jimziegler@mac.com

"I grew up in Spencerport. Lived there until about 20. Moved all over the country and finally have landed in Brockport. I have some wonderful memories of Spencerport. I visit friends that still live there often. I was very excited to see this web site e-mailed to me from my mom in Florida. I've been married for 26 years to a great man from Brockport and have 2 sons 21 and 23. I want to say hi to Dave Lavigne who always took great care of me in my teenage years. Love ya Stringbean and would love to see you sometime before we get any greyer! This is a great site and the pictures are beautiful!"
Betsy (Sepaniak) Fox bfox0003@rochester.rr.com

"Hi to all. Spencerport aka Hooterville was a great place to grow up. I graduated from E.J. Wilson H.S. in '73. Lots of fond memories. Anyone from that era, I'd love to hear from you. I live in Morro Bay, Ca. Was there in the winter of '06 - '07. Man was it cold. Nothing like the sandy beach of California. Was good to see Bucky Ades on your site. "Your pool was a blessing Bucky ". Again anyone from that place in time from Spencerport, I would love to hear from you. I lived in the old cobblestone house on West Ridge Rd. I almost forgot to mention, I have two daughters, and would get killed if I didn't mention them: Sara, 18, & Lee Anne, 16. Quite a handful. P.S. Anyone who gets to California please look me up.."
Dave La Vigne mrakron007@msn.com

"My Mom graduated from Spencerport High School in 1949 on June 27th. I want to get her High School ring replaced. If you can help please let me know. She lived in the house across the street from the Volunteer Ambulance just down the street from the High School. When we were little we used to sit on the front porch and watch the parade. It is a beautiful town."
Mary Jo maryjoqt@verizon.net

"Enjoyed looking at the messages posted. We graduated from SCS, class of '54. Lived in Spencerport, then moved to Lexington, VA in 1971. We attended our class reunion in 2004. We now reside in The Villages retirement community near Lady Lake,FL. Anyone else from the area live in The Villages?"
Jack and Rena (Anderson) Adams toyoung4654@earthlink.net Lady Lake, FL

"I always loved Spencerport, even though I lived in Churchville. But the very first love of my life was Carol Flick, from Lyell Rd. So I spent a great deal of time in Spencerport in the late 70's. The good ol' days! I've since moved to Oklahoma, where I chase tornadoes for the National Weather Service, but I have made contact with several of my old friends through the internet. Great site, BTW!"
Brad Patrick cybrsavag2004@yahoo.com Ardmore OK

"I came to Spencerport when I was 8 years old and my sister was 10. We have both lived here our entire life. I just organized the 50th class reunion from SHS (class of 1954) Found just about all the classmates. If you need help organizing your event or are looking for someone, I will gladly help you. I love this village and town and will do anything to help anyone locate people, places etc."
Patrick Hotchkiss Photch105@aol.com Spencerport, NY

"Most of my mothers family lived in Spencerport from the 1930s through today. I lived on Union street with my Mom and Grandmother, Jesse Cliff for several years during WWll and eventually graduated from SHS in 1958. At that time we were living on Straub Rd. in Greece and there were no high schools available in that town. I remember my Spencerport days with fondness and miss that part of my life. If any of you class of 58 happen to be browsing these pages, I'd be happy to hear from you."
Dale Masters dcllmasters@earthlink.net Wilmington, NC "Beautiful web site! It brings back many fond memories of growing up in Spencerport. I love the photos. They make me want to grab a canoe and make a beeline for the Erie Canal. My family lived at 84 Highview Dr. for a number of years. Three of my siblings and myself graduated from E.J. Wilson High School. Since leaving Spencerport I've traveled all over the world and still think it one of the most beautiful places on earth though I'm kind of bias. Keep up the great work on the site. I'll be checking back in."
Dan Foley danfoley@norwoodlight.com Norwood, MA

"Great site! I recognized some of the names in the list. Graduated in 1971, grew up on Lyell Ave. across from Barton's Gulf. Hope to hear from some of the old village people!"
Rick Aspenleiter aciwinc@cox.net Santa Barbara, CA

"Graduated from SHS in 1959. I have lived in Michigan, Arizona, Kentucky and Florida. Served 3 years in WAC with one year being in Heidelberg, Germany. I lived with my grandmother, Edith Holverson, on Gillette Road while attending SHS. In early 70's I lived on West Avenue with the Beaney family. I greatly miss Spencerport. No other town like it. Terrific website."
Pat Williams pmwilliams@cfl.rr.com Port Orange, FL

"My family lived in Spencerport (Rene Drive and Canal Road) while I was growing up - beginning in my 8th grade year. I graduated from E.J. Wilson HS in 1980 and moved to Florida in 1983. I worked at the Plantation Party House for several years. Thanks to the Zamaria family for all you did for me. What a wonderful place to have your first job! I sure do miss the changing seasons of living up North and the pictures sure do bring back old memories."
Laurie Horton (Riviere) lahorton@earthlink.net Tallahassee, FL

"What a great web site! Sure brings back memories of our days growing up and raising our family in Spencerport! We moved to Ellicott City, MD in 1998 and return several times a year. It is always fun to see old friends and family when we return. Spencerport has changed since we left! If by chance you pass through the Baltimore/Washington area, we'd love to hear from you!"
Len & Julie Hart leh3963@comcast.net Ellicott City, MD

"Since leaving Spencerport I have lived in Syracuse, Boston, Indianapolis, and now Morgantown, WV. Nothing compares to living and growing up in Spencerport. The pictures bring back some very fond memories. Thank you! Would love to hear from other alumni from the Class of 77."
Kevin Armstrong kevin.armstrong@jostens.com Morgantown, WV

"Joanne & I (Andrew Seamons) purchased our new Ryan home at 31 Clearview Dr. in 1968. We brought our adopted 30 day young son home in May 1970. We sold to the Marshall in Oct 1971 and moved to northern VA. We sure missed Spencerport and friends. We've been back to visit the area several times. If you remember us, e-mail us."
Andrew Seamons, Jr. (AJ) powhatan@att.net Powhatan, Va

"I grew up in Spencerport (1951-1977) on the corner of Spencerport-Manitou Road. Thanks for the memories... what a wonderful web site."
Peg Brawn (Dickens) plbrawn@cox.net Litchfield Park, AZ

"I was raised in Spencerport in the 1950's, 1960's & early 1970's. Graduated from the high school in 1971. Moved to AZ in 1985. I have 2 children, a daughter 28 & a son 24. I have remarried 12 years ago & work for a custom jewelry store"
Shirlee Quinn squinn@coffinandtrout.com Mesa, AZ USA

"Raised in Spencerport. Lived on Gillette Road for many years. Graduated from High School in 1965. Moved to Trimmer Rd for a few years and then lived on Clearview until we moved to Delaware. I miss the old town. We still have friends and family that live in the area and are looking forward to our class reunion - the first one."
Carol Rengey Stephenson silversprays@aol.com Middletown, DE

"Hi! I was an exchange student at Spencerport High 75-76. I´ve never returned to your great town, but I hope to get in touch with someone from this time who remembers the Swedish guest. I was very well treated, both by "my" families, the Diehls and Wasserbauers, and the rest of the town. I really enjoyed my stay and hope to get back some day. If anyone remembers me, please sena me an email... Best wishes from Sweden."
Ulf " Pete" Dia-Tsi-Tay ud@hexal.se Mariefred, Sweden

"I grew up in Spencerport on Trimmer Rd. and graduated from SHS in '77. Happened to stumble on this great web site and got hooked looking at the photos and reading all the guest book entries. The photos of the village instantly brought back fantastic memories of my childhood. Seems like I spent more time in the village than at home. Would love to here from anyone I knew back in the "classic rock/disco era! "
Jim Vosburg jvosburg@comcast.net Oak Ridge, TN

"Hello Spencerport. My name is Tony Woods. I had the honour of living in your wonderful village on Whittier Rd opposite the Baitman Farm. I love the web site. Yours is a place I will always class as home and hope to come back to one day. If any knows of Sue Voros, Russ Young, Mariette Gallo would you please forward my e-mail address to them or any one else who remembers me. Thanks for help. Lots of love to you all. Tony"
Tony Woods anthonywoods@hotmail.co.uk Dudley, England

"My wife Cindy & our three sons Scott, John & Tim) lived on Village Walk (next to Sue & Dan Hickey) from 1982 through 1989. It was seven of the most wonderful years of our life. We loved the area & truly miss the "small town" atmosphere. The pictures look great, things sure have changed since we left. We hope to get back up there someday to see all of our friends. Tom & Cindy Szczesniak"
Tom Szczesniak tsez01@comcast.net Marietta, GA

"Hi! I'm Stephen Hendrikx and I used to live at 262 Whittier Rd. Moved away in '74 and sure miss all the good people and good times.I now live in N.C."
stephen hendrikx triplek4@excite.com Zebulon, NC

"What a great web site and guest book idea for former and current residents. After growing up in Spencerport, I look forward to hearing from and about friends. Keep up the good work." - Ogden Supervisor
Gay H. Lenhard supervisor@ogdenny.com Spencerport, NY USA

"My parents and I used to live in Spencerport. We moved to Houston about 6 years ago and I miss Spencerport everyday. We used to live on Ogden Parma TL Rd :) We had such great memories there. I hope that one day we'll be able to visit everyone there again! The pictures on this site have brought back so many memories. I miss you Spencerport!"
Kim Nguyen hoangkim14@hotmail.com Houston, TX

"I was born in Spencerport, and lived there from 1961 to about 1971. I remember those days as some of the happiest of my life. Sadly my mom died recently and I was just surfing the net to see what kind of memories your site could provide me. I'm sure not many remember her, but her name was Mary Dishaw and helped spearhead a variety of conservation achievements in your area. Her pride and joy was what I remember as Towpath park down next to the canal, near the bridge. I wonder if it's still there? Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for childhood memories that I will forever hold dear."
Timothy J. Dishaw pdishaw@earthlink.net Va Beach, VA

"Born and raised in Spencerport (1940). Lived on the old Peters Homestead on S. Union, then moved to 304 S. Union in town in 1952. Left for Florida in 1966. Still have hundreds of great memories of great friends and events that influenced my life. If you're growing up in Spencerport in 2004, consider yourself very fortunate. Should anybody recognize my name, please email me, would love to hear from you. To the creators of this site - great job!"
Gary Peters glpeters@cox.net Ocala, FL USA

"My daughter and her fiance' just bought a house in Spencerport and I looked it up on the internet to see what history was behind the name. I am looking forward to visiting the next time I am in the Rochester area. This is my daughters first house so I was very pleased to see the photos and read the wonderful comments about your community. "
Kristi Jacobs kjacobs@chugach.net Anchorage, Alaska USA

"Just browsing through the web and found this site. Just moved out here to California as my husband is in the military. I grew up in Spencerport and it is a great village. I miss it terribly!!"
jean tantalo jeantan60@aol Port Hueneme, Ca

"Just stumbled across this site and think it's fun reading the comments from some names I recognize from my days at SHS. I live nearby now but have traveled extensively and still think Spencerport is about the best place to grow up. I was driving by the old high school a few weeks ago and started thinking about how we used to walk into town after our morning finals, then back to school again to catch the bus home. My mother would have killed me! Hi to all who may see my name.. Lori"
Lori Yahn Zazzara lorizazzara50@yahoo.com Brockport, NY

"Love the Website! I grew up in Spencerport, off Big Ridge Rd. Moved away 10 years ago. I think of my home town often and cherish the memories I have. Keep up the good work! If any old buddies check in... drop me an email. Would love to catch up!"
Debbie McCarty Debbikins_01@yahoo.com Columbus, GA

""I grew up in Spencerport as a child. My father was a volunteer fire fighter back in the 70's. I've brought all four of my children back to show them where I grew up. I have had alot of memories, esecially of my grandparents. "
Bob Symes bsymes.innh@verizon.net Nashua, NH

"found this website today, brought back lots of memories. moved away 9 years ago, my parents still lives in the same old house on Brockport Rd. come back home about once a year, and loved growing up here and raising my kids here, a great place! Recognized some of the names on the other entries too!"
Heidi Rohrbacher Coykendall hjrjc@aol.com New Port Richey, FL

"I have not been home for several years but looking at this web site brings me back to a wonderful time of my life. Never take away the beauty of a small home town. I have lived in many areas and I still have not found a better place to raise a family in or grow up in."
thomas brewer sntbrewer@msn.com Bensalem, PA

" I Enjoy the web-site. I visit when I can, remember a lot of classmates from SHS. Was there in 2001 for 50th class reunion. It was a very great visit. I had a good time seeing some of the old gang."
David Davis dajevu@astound.net Concord, CA

"Great website. I was born and raised in Spencerport and lived on Trimmer Rd. I too have cherished memories of Spencerport. My high school sweetheart and now wife, Dawn Barton grew up and lived on Amity St. We have a daughter named Amity. Found this site today, it is refreshing to see the pictures on the web site. Takes me away from here. See you all in October!"
Bucky Ades bjadod54@aol.com Mosul, Iraq

"My parents grew up in the area in the 60's and 70's, then they headed down south. I went to Spencerport a couple of times when I was a kid, but I don't really remember it. Most of my time has been spent either in Orlando, FL or New Orleans, LA. My folks' last names are Strassner and Warburton. I have other family up there, too. I believe that their names are Brongo and Champagne. I don't really know them, though. Write me if you know any of these names. Thanks."
Josh rootspunkreggae@hotmail.com Orlando, FL

"Thank you Spencerport guest book, through these pages we have found long lost relatives that we thought we would never find, just one message left on this site and we found them. Spencerport looks a lovely place and we hope to visit soon, our dear relatives, lived here for many years and we are proud to be connected to such a lovely place, thanks again and thank you very much. To Russ if he reads this as he played a big part in the reunion, thanks once again. The Webster family. Shrewsbury England "
Julie Webster webbie10@tiscali.co.uk Shrewsbury Shropshire, England

"Salü, I'm just transcribing an old diary from a fellow namend Wendelin Merk who spend some years of his life at Spencerport. That was in the 1850s. So I thought to visit your town's site to find out what this place he wrote about looks now. On Feb 10, 1855, he wrote: "I stayed in the house of John Palmer from Sep 5 until Nov 1, 1854, paying 18 Dollars and 21 Cents. Then I changed to Patrik Meloun from Nov 2, 1854, until Jan 3, 1855, für 19 Dollars." All that time he was working for the Railroad. Tschüs Roland Geiger, St. Wendel, Germany"
Roland Geiger rolgeiger@aol.com St. Wendel, Germany

"I lived in the big house on West Street that was later the local Funeral home during the late 1930's 1940's. The house was owned by my grandfather, Charles Caprenter, until the crash when financial loss began. We moved from the house when I was 4 years old."
Esther Louise Carpenter Debbiefblackwell@cs.com Memphis, TN

"Your web site is great. My husband and and I took a trip down the canal about five years ago and we stopped in your town. I can believe the improvements along the canal. We would like to spend a couple of days in Spencerport during the end of June. We will be in our 36' Trojan named the Morning Star. We can wait to visit your town again."
Paulette Paliana ppaliana@usadatanet.com

"Returning to this web page is always a pleasant refresher of "Where I'm From". Its been 10 years. Keep up the good work."
James Steier kimo.steier@worldnet.att.net Chula Vista, CA

"I grew up on Coleman Ave. Present home is in N.H. I have been on recall to active duty with USAF since 9/11/01.. My parents still reside on Coleman Ave., and I do get back from time to time to visit. It's always good to see the area."
Jim Kent james.kent@langley.af.mil Langley AFB , VA

"It was great going through the photo gallery and seeing pictures that my father, R. Milford Spencer had. I left Spencerport in the 1960s, however, the village is very dear to me. I love returning to the area and visiting all the sights that were part of my life. It is a great village and a place to be proud. Would like to hear from anyone that might remember me. Dana"
Dana R. Spencer drse@usit.net Blacksburg, VA

"I grew up in Spencerport and moved to N.C. with my wife Renee. We had two children (Victoria& Alex). I hope that some day my kids can grow up in a town like Spencerport! The feeling of home and home town pride is hard to find these days. Hold on to your youth and cherish your roots! I MISS YOU SPENCERPORT!"

"I just moved to Nebraska two years ago, (thanks to my wonderful husbands company). Norfolk, NE reminds me alot of Spencerport. A place I grew up,and use to take my family to all the time. Now that we live half way across the US, our travels are not as often. This website is wonderful, and brings back alot of GREAT memories. Thanks!"
Maureen Ravenelle(Sekel) maureen_ravenelle@yahoo.com Norfolk, NE

"My family grew up in Spencerport on Coolidge Avenue and Parkhurst Drive. Our hometown village has a very special place in our hearts. The pictures take me home again. Thanks for the excellent website."
Neil Bachers NBachers@aol.com San Francisco, CA


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