General Exterior Maintenance

Notice and Disclaimer: This information is here to provide the most commonly requested information and does not attempt to list all codes and regulations of the Village of Spencerport.

  • Grass & weeds: High
    Giant Hogweed - Do Not Touch This Plant!
    Giant Hogweed – Do Not Touch This Plant!
    grass and weeds must be cut, trimmed and/or eliminated. Hazardous plant growth and leaves must be removed
  • Yards & lots: Yards, courts and open areas must be kept clear and free of hazards and refuse. Standing surface waters are to be properly drained and drainage swales maintained.
  • Buildings: Exterior surfaces must be maintained in good condition. Paint or other suitable protective coating shall be applied and/or repaired.
  • Building numbering: All occupied buildings shall have a prominently displayed address number that is visible from a public street. The numbers must be located on the primary building or store location, be five (5) inches in height, and be colored in contrast to the building.
  • Swimming pools: Swimming pools must be kept clean and in a sanitary condition. Gates, railings doors and safety fencing must be maintained in good repair.

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