Road Work

The Spencerport DPW continuously checks and maintains the 13 miles of roads within the village limits. Potholes are a perennial problem caused by the freezing and thawing of moisture in the pavement. Repairing and patching takes place spring and fall. The DPW has a planned program of road work scheduled usually taking place with upgrading the storm sewers at the same time.

Within the village limits Union St and Nichols St are NYS roads, Lyell Ave, Big Ridge and Canal Rd are Monroe County roads with the rest being maintained by the Village of Spencerport.

Contact Numbers for Road repair, signs and signal problems:

  • Village of Spencerport DPW – 352-6851
  • Town of Ogden Highway Dept – 617-6160
  • Monroe County Transportation – 753-7700
  • NYS /DOT Transportation – 352-3471
  • 1-800-POT-HOLE (1-800-768-4653)