Village Clerk

The Village Clerk of Spencerport is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Trustees. The Village Clerk reports directly to the Mayor and is accountable to both the Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees. The Clerk is responsible for processing permit applications and supervision of the administrative staff. Other responsibilities include processing accounts receivables for the Village of Spencerport, including taxes and utility payments.

The Village of Spencerport Clerk is Jacqueline Sullivan. Jacqueline is Secretary to the Village Board of Trustees. Contact Jacqueline at or call 352-4771

Tax Search – If you are in need of a tax search for a property sale ($15.00) or refinance ($10.00) please email Jacqueline Sullivan with the property address and attorney contact information including billing instructions.

STAR Registration Fact Sheet  – for more information please contact the, Town of Ogden Assessor at 617-6107

Permits and Applications